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Lots of Graffiti pics from Munich (Germany) & Zurich (Switzerland) - Old School Hip Hop

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November 7th, 2007

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11:46 pm - Lots of Graffiti pics from Munich (Germany) & Zurich (Switzerland)
About 350 pics total pics...

Munich gallery 1

http://riotsound.com/Graffiti/art-gallery/Munich-Graffiti-Germany - in this gallery there's stuff by Seen, Noah Aok Tfp, FX Crew and more

Munich gallery 2

http://riotsound.com/Graffiti/art-gallery/Munchen-Deutschland-Graffiti - this is the second Munich one --- lots of good stuff in this one too

Also.. went to Zurich for a day --- So ended up stumbling on a huge hall of fame there too... its right along the river --- lots of great graff pics... about 100 total from Zurich... check it out (link below)


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